What Kind of Camera Should I Buy?

“Finding Your Photographic Voice” excerpts from various episodes

Joan compares the point-and shoot, compact, and digital single lens reflex (dslr) cameras

Point and Shoot Cameras

Joan discusses features of the ‘point and shoot’ camera. This type of camera is what her photography students use. (See more about her photography program for teens at www.photographyWithPurpose.com)

This segment concludes with a video featuring beautiful images created by Photography with Purpose teen students with point and shoot cameras.

Compact Cameras

Joan discusses features of compact cameras. Concludes with music video featuring images captured with the Canon G-11 compact camera


Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras

Joan discusses features of Digital Single Lens Reflex (dslr) cameras.
Concludes with a music video of soothing nature images created with Canon DSLRs

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