T.E. Watson



T. E. Watson is an award winning children’s author, columnist in the US and Canada, speaker, philanthropist. with a career that has spanned the many aspects of the publishing industry. He is the author of some 130 stories and 5 audio book productions.
With over 40 years in the writing world doing everything from reporting to writing for magazines and technical manuals, to political essays for national, as well as environmental issues. He has also penned many guides and teaching curricula for schools throughout the country. He has written adult works, and even horror, but his first love will always be the Children’s genre.

To motivate and excite a child to read, and keep them excited is the ultimate reward for all authors. It is our task as writers to keep the eyes of the reader glued to the words we place onto paper. To generate the imaginations that all readers have within, whether they know it or not. It is our job to bring those visions forth into a world the reader will relate.



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