Where the #@%$ is Pie Town?? WE know!

We found it!

And we’ll share our good fortune with you! 🙂

We traveled to Pie Town, New Mexico, to celebrate the mathematical Pi (π)  Day, which is held on March 14 (because π =3.14159265359)  and March 14 is  my birthday! (So we went to Pie Town to celebrate my birthday, which is on Pi Day).

Pi Day is a big thing in Pie Town and we were there to film an episode for Silver Sage.  We met some wonderful people, heard interesting stories, and… ate pie!  Our new favorite pie is the New Mexican green chili apple pie with pine nuts!  Sweet and spicy (REAL spicy!)

We camped at the Pie Town Cafe where we interviewed the proprietor, Lori Elliott, met the awesome crew there, and learned some interesting history about Pie Town.  All of which we will share with you in a future episode!

Having my first piece of New Mexican green chili apple pie with pine nuts. Yum!



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