Visiting Visalia!

July 19th- Visalia Adventure!

We love road trips! And though it was a short one, we thoroughly enjoyed our 4-hour drive to Visalia to interview Jennifer Brandolino, RN, CiH of Total Healthy Lifestyle.  We also were able to take a little time and catch up with she and  husband Rob,  Arnie’s best friend and fellow musician.

rob and jennifer

Jennifer and Rob


Arnie’s brother Jonathan lives in Visalia, so he came for a couple of hours to watch the filming. It was good to see him!

jon and arn

Jon and Arnie


Me doing the selfie thing

Me doing the selfie thing

And Jonathan did us a big favor by taking in-progress shots of the prep stage of production.

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We enjoy agricultural scenery,   so it was nice driving by rows and rows of corn and fruit trees.

corn rows

It’s been a while since I’d seen dairy cows so I wanted to stop and photograph them. When I was a child, we would drive out to the dairy near us, and that’s where we would buy ice cream sandwiches!

Funny as I was photographing the cows, they all started lumbering over to the fence to check me out. It was rather comical as they lined up along the fence, staring at me. I started to feel like they were waiting for me to break out into a song or something.

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