Tshirt Project

We love to support community.
Especially when it comes to those things that benefit youth–our future.

In the introduction part of our program, you may see Joan wearing a t-shirt for an organization that benefits youth. This is our way of introducing these organizations to others who may want to find out more about them.

If you’d like more information about our Tshirt project to see if your organization can be featured, contact us.

This is a list of those we’ve spotlighted so far.
Moses house Logo

Moses House Ministries

Moses House offers helping hands and caring hearts to families in crisis, ensuring children grow up in nurturing homes. They provide long-term services to any single mother who is pregnant or has at least one child under the age of six.





pwp tshirt2

Just as photography and the taking of pictures can bring more awareness to shapes, forms, and light, they can also give deeper vision into life and self.

Photography with Purpose works with youth in using photography, not only to develop their picture-taking skills, but also to help them:

  • Bridge – communication, relationships
  • Build – self-value, self-confidence, leadership skills
  • Heal – self-esteem, vision for the future