Recent Memories from the Historic Summit Inn

Wow. What a shock for the historic Summit Inn to become a casualty of the Blue Cut Fire that raged through the Cajon Pass and surrounding areas August 16.

summit inn good food sign

Silver Sage E 2-5 route 66 clip 1.mpg.00_03_54_06.Still002

We were just there in July, filming my interview with Route 66 expert Jim Conkle. This was my first time being there.

summit inn gift shop

I perused the gift shop full of Route 66 items. (I had another first — I bought 5 lottery tickets from the gift shop– they were all duds.)

guitar man summit inn

He had his first ostrich burger with a big chocolate shake.


I had an orange soda float… reminded me of the 50/50 ice cream bars I used to love as a youngling.

Word is they’re going to rebuild. Glad to hear that.

2 thoughts on “Recent Memories from the Historic Summit Inn”

    1. Well.. when we did the interview, that was the first time we had been inside. We had tried once before but it was closed and under repair at that time.

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