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The Bottle Tree Ranch – Oro Grande

A popular place to stop and visit along Route 66, The Bottle Tree Ranch is two acres of folk art created by Elmer Long. Whimsical and full of things to hold your interest, how do you avoid overwhelm and create images that have don’t have a cluttered feel to them? That was our goal in this photo expedition.

The Huntington Gardens and Library

huntington gardens


We take you to the gardens where we use simple techniques to create stunning floral images for use as wall decor and for gift-giving


Trains,  Trains, Trains

I guess we’re what’s known as railfans.  Watching and photographing trains is a favorite pastime, and we take you to one of the best places to do this.

Visiting the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve
We love visiting the poppy fields. But what do you do when there’s nary a poppy to be found when you visit? And yes!  we did check the status updates, but seems like it was… misinterpreted.

We were hoping to find what we photographed in 2010:

poppies 2010

But this is what we got:

poppyfields 2016

So… What DID we do after making that almost  2-hour trek?