Christmas Moon Rise

full moon rising
Ah, the breathless wonder of a gorgeous full moon! Relishing the rare full moon of this Christmas season.
The last time there was a full moon on Christmas was in 1977, and the next one is slated for 2034.  Carpe diem!
This moon image above was taken on Christmas Eve, and I decided to do something different and film the rising of the moon Christmas night.

And so I did.  Staying close to home I went up the street and set up on a corner that gave me the best view possible from that location. This corner is on a road that joins two main streets (that are 4 miles apart), so it gets quite a bit of use.  So the flashes of light in the film are headlights of  passing vehicles.

Watching a moon rise from the warmth of the inside is quite a bit different from standing outside in the freezing cold…on a corner… in the dark. The 20 or so minutes it took for the moon to ascend seemed stretched beyond an hour. But I stuck it out, got my footage, and compressed the time so you can enjoy the moon rise in a mere 14 seconds.


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