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Who says you can’t start a new career after 50?

In my long career as a professional image maker, I’ve been to countless conferences, workshops, and seminars. One of my favorites is Imaging USA, put on annually by Professional Photographers of America(PPA), and it’s always a grand affair. For the past 6 years I haven’t missed one. It’s always good to connect with old friends while making new ones, in addition to attending the workshops and presentations.


These Photographers Started Their Photography Careers After 50

This time I went with a different purpose–to interview photographers who had started their photography career after the age of 50. What an interesting variety of people and stories! We interviewed a retired pediatric surgeon, anesthetist, radio engineer and school teacher,to name a few. We had a total of nine individuals passionately pursuing their second dream career of photography. Their specialities ran the gamut: pet photography , children and families, photojournalism, and even weddings! ( Weddings, which I personally stopped when I got closer to 50 because I just didn’t want that particular hectic pace any longer).

They inspired me!

Never too old, Never too late..

You will meet them in an upcoming episode of Silver Sage, and we know their stories will inspire you!

Tips to Unlock Talents in YOU

In the meanwhile, check out this article I wrote for the online community Sixty and me and get some ideas on how to pursue the hidden gifts and talents in you!

3 Ways to Unlock Your Talents After 60 and Embrace the Perpetual Gift of You






Finding Beauty in Dry Places


I live in the desert.

What imagery does that bring to your mind?
Brown. Mono. Wasteland. Barren. Cactus. Sand?
Wind-tossed tumbleweeds hurled across a bland
Dry monochrome expanse of untamed land?
Chastised Hebrews wandering forty years?
A soul’s deep cry for its vision to clear
An unquenched thirst of vision? Spirit? Soul?
A solitary place where dreams unfold?

The Mojave desert is where I dwell
The driest desert in North America
It stretches across four states, with extremes
Of arid cold and arid heat, being
The only place the Joshua tree grows.

There’s beauty and wonder in dry places

We seek, to find, to highlight to share that
The desert indeed blossoms as a rose
With tales from conquerors of dry places
Who squarely faced the challenge of the bland
Prevailing to bring untapped fresh waters
To satisfy the dry and thirsty soul

“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well…”
The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Helping Foster Children Find Forever Families

I’m a volunteer photographer for the Heart Galley of Los Angeles. The Heart Gallery LA is an online photo gallery as well as a traveling photographic exhibit created to find forever families for children in the Los Angeles county foster care system.

Recently, the photo shoots were done at the LA Arboretum. These two sisters were my first ones for the day. They were 10 and 7 and they were a hoot. Not afraid to speak up and tell me what kind of photos THEY wanted to take. That’s what was going on in this clip. “can we take pictures looking at the water?’. ‘can we take pictures looking at the sky?’ can we take pictures ‘like this’ (striking a pose). I told them once I got the pictures I needed, yes.. they could give me some direction as to what they wanted. and we spent about an hour checking out different locations in the garden.

When photographing the children, requirements include getting standing full-body shots, smiling and personality images, and siblings must be photographed together… no individual shots.

You can find out more information about the Heart Gallery, and the children looking for Forever Families, here

Amunique & Alisha_MG_2109

A Moment of Peace and Relaxation

Sitting on top of hill, feeling the breeze, watching the sunset, and waving as the trains roll by…

Comments for Menopause Survival Kit Drawing


You could win this Menopause Survival Kit from!

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