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Lost in Space

One of my favorite TV shows as a child growing up in the 60’s was Lost in Space–the  adventures of  an astronaut (space pioneer )family named Robinson whose mission was to colonize different planets in outer space.  However,  their spaceship got off course and they traversed around the universe discovering […]


Leaving Las Vegas

  The title is not totally accurate as Las Vegas was in the middle of my trip home– the stopover city after leaving San Antonio. But a title such as Leaving Las Vegas sounds more poetic ….like… a movie or something I bid a fond adieu to San Antonio this […]


Finding Beauty in Dry Places

  I live in the desert. What imagery does that bring to your mind? Brown. Mono. Wasteland. Barren. Cactus. Sand? Wind-tossed tumbleweeds hurled across a bland Dry monochrome expanse of untamed land? Chastised Hebrews wandering forty years? A soul’s deep cry for its vision to clear An unquenched thirst of […]


Leap of Faith

Many boomers know all to well about childhood passions of pursing artistic-type careers being discouraged by well-meaning elders for more stable  professions or ‘real’ jobs.  And hey, can’t blame our parents for wanting us to have stability and not live the ‘starving artist’ life. At 18,  Roxy Gantes did get […]


An Oldie but Goodie Valentine’s Day

We were in Lancaster, California on Valentine’s Day, filming several scenes for a documentary we are producing From the Heart of A G The setting for this particular scene is  a  hidden, hole-in-the-wall,  club,  with an oldies crooner providing the entertainment. The oldies crooner hired was Norma Carter of the […]


Christmas Moon Rise

Ah, the breathless wonder of a gorgeous full moon! Relishing the rare full moon of this Christmas season. The last time there was a full moon on Christmas was in 1977, and the next one is slated for 2034.  Carpe diem! This moon image above was taken on Christmas Eve, […]


Authors at the Antique Mall

i had the pleasure of interviewing two women I know personally, who became first-time authors after the age of 50. We filmed this episode at the  Antique Mall in Hesperia which was a great backdrop for this segment.  Nesherrill Foster published a work of fiction, while Diane Gardner published her […]


This Season’s 6 Most Recent Episodes

Living Better at 50+

Interview with Carol Doyel, Founder and Editor-in-chief of, a magazine that encourages women to live better physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Could you be a Children’s Writer?

Presentation given by renowned children’s author T.E. Watson on how you can become a writer for children’s books.  

Alleviating Back Pain

Lower back pain can strike us at any age, but after years of wear and tear on the spine, it’s not surprising that it’s most common among older adults. Seniors are more likely to have degenerative changes in the spine, as well as arthritis and osteoporosis. Joan talks with chiropractor […]

Buche de Noel

Creating a festive holiday dessert is the focus of  this episode.   Buche de Noel is the French name for a Christmas cake shaped like a log – a Yule Log-  and is quite simple (according to Christine). Let’s find out ! 🙂 BUCHE DE NOEL  (Yule Log) 2 cups heavy […]

When Earth turns to Gold

Host Joan Rudder-Ward and friend Christine Pence with tour guide Alice, tour the Cal-Earth Institute in Hesperia, CA. Cal-Earth develops and educates the public in self-help, environmentally sustainable building designs houses anyone can build with their own two hands, using locally available earth, sandbags and barbed wire

Getting those kicks on Route 66

Route 66, The Mother Road , is one of the original highways in the US Highway system– cemented in fame and history by books, movies, music, and people who love the sense of charm, adventure, and escape that it offers. This episode features an interview at the historic Summit Inn […]

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