Leaving Las Vegas

The Alamo San Antonio, Texas


The title is not totally accurate as Las Vegas was in the middle of my trip home– the stopover city after leaving San Antonio. But a title such as Leaving Las Vegas sounds more poetic ….like… a movie or something

I bid a fond adieu to San Antonio this afternoon as Imaging USA ended last night with the usual, great closing party.  I did have time this morning to visit the Alamo to do  some filming there to include in my San Antonio missions piece.
Did you know the Alamo was actually a mission? The Mission San Antonio de Valero.

Today, the Alamo is designated a shrine and sacred ground, and no photography of any kind is allowed inside. However you can photograph to your heart’s content the outside of the building and grounds.

Some tidbits of info about the Alamo:
Before  the Texas revolution,  the Alamo was home to missionaries and their Indian converts for nearly 70 years , beginning with the construction of the mission in 1724. –

In the early 1800s the Spanish military stationed a Cavalry unit there and soldiers referred to it as the Alamo in honor of their hometown of Alamo de Parras, Coahuila.
The  Alamo holds the distinction of housing the first recorded hospital in Spanish Texas. It was established in 1805 to care for soldiers stationed on the frontier. –

The  famous battle saw the 200 defenders  holed up in the Alamo besieged by an army of 1800-6000  soldiers led by general Antonio Lopez Santa Anna. The siege lasted 13 days ending March 6,1836 with all of  the defenders perishing. — The Republic of Texas joined the United States in 1845 and the army used the Alamo as a supply depot until 1878. The military presence helped create a safer climate in the dangerous frontier town of San Antonio.

The Alamo is remembered worldwide as a heroic struggle against overwhelming odds–a place where men made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

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